Mehran Wazir

Freedom of the ‘Azad Qabail’ (tribal people) of Waziristan?

If you belong to South Waziristan and need to travel out of Waziristan - You must have to get a new ID specific Watan Card despite the CNIC of the State of Pakistan.

Military operations, displacement made us mental patients

Topic of my article is the story of a Mehsud tribesman Muhammad Ali who lost his mental status due the war on terror in his village Ladha (South Waziristan).

The ‘blast – blast’ game, our kids play after the terror attacks

After watching this bomb blast mock exercise of these kids now we have nothing left. Now our kids playing the game of Blast-Blast in the playground.
FATA Schools

I am an FCR victim; “Tribal children deprived of basic education”

Why would my children love their country? How would you expect them being patriotic? -- if they still await to see the real independence.

I am an FCR victim; Tribal youth, activists must speak up

If you belong to FATA or PATA, please speak up now. Demand 'abolishment of FCR'. Tell the world "I am an FCR victim". Do it now or suffer forever.

Wawa mass ‘education campaign’ for a prosperous future

All the members, seniors and juniors together have vowed to work day and night and assure the people of Wana that they will wholeheartedly participate in the campaign for their children and bright future.

Fighting for ‘tribal youth-led’ organization, “Let us decide ourselves”

After meeting a group of tribal youth, I was proud of them. After they were politicized, I fought for them, Thus we got our goal, Now we are independent. ..............

America, biggest purveyor of violence and war on the earth

We are basically committing ourselves to a World War primarily headed with drone strikes and the United States is the biggest purveyor of violence and war on the planet. ......................

‘Merge FATA with KP’, tribal people spoke up at D-Chowk

It was really a good for us, tribal people, when for the first time our youth and social leaders left homes and covered Islamabad's D-Chowk to protest against FCR.

FATA youth activists may lose their strength

FATA youth (FSO, an active students group) joined a political party MQP. The youth activists face political boundaries of the party.