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Manzoor PTM

Here is how PTM defeated Pakistani Media blackout

Analysed briefly, what our media lost by the worst ever censorship and how the legitimate grassroot movement PTM gained ground despite complete media blackout.

Tech Blogs

Payoneer Card

Sign up for a FREE Payoneer account and start collecting global...

Today, the company announced the launch of the Payoneer Credit Card Payment Service, which is a great way to get paid by your global clients.
Domain Name

How to choose a good domain name, 2016 guide

To pick a good domain name is really hard in the start but it's easy if you use a simple way. You need to consider few simple things and decide a good domain name.
Wordpress Themes

Top ten best selling wordpress magazine themes for 2016

Hand picked and Top ten best selling wordpress magazine themes of newspaper, magazine, news and blogs styles for bloggers, media persons, artists and those all who want to be.

Multimedia Blogs


Historically; How Pakistan crushed England in Champions Trophy 2017

England's quest to secure their first trophy in a 50-over global tournament came to grief in emphatic fashion in Cardiff as Pakistan surged into the final of the Champions Trophy.
PA Bajaur and Maaz Khan

Confused Political Agent Bajaur arrests father, brother of a local journalist for ‘no crime’

PA Amir Khattak is terrorizing the local journalist Maaz Khan and his family and accused him of posting on social media against the administration while Maaz Khan says that he is punished for a sin which he never did.
Mehran Wazir

Freedom of the ‘Azad Qabail’ (tribal people) of Waziristan?

If you belong to South Waziristan and need to travel out of Waziristan - You must have to get a new ID specific Watan Card despite the CNIC of the State of Pakistan.

Military operations, displacement made us mental patients

Topic of my article is the story of a Mehsud tribesman Muhammad Ali who lost his mental status due the war on terror in his village Ladha (South Waziristan).

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