Mehran Wazir

Freedom of the ‘Azad Qabail’ (tribal people) of Waziristan?

If you belong to South Waziristan and need to travel out of Waziristan - You must have to get a new ID specific Watan Card despite the CNIC of the State of Pakistan.

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The ‘blast – blast’ game, our kids play after the terror...

After watching this bomb blast mock exercise of these kids now we have nothing left. Now our kids playing the game of Blast-Blast in the playground.

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Military operations, displacement made us mental patients

Topic of my article is the story of a Mehsud tribesman Muhammad Ali who lost his mental status due the war on terror in his village Ladha (South Waziristan).

I am an FCR victim; “Tribal children deprived of basic education”

Why would my children love their country? How would you expect them being patriotic? -- if they still await to see the real independence.