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It’s me to represent Pakistan, not terrorists; Malala’s powerfull message to the world

"You are the real change makers and you should stand for your rights. Start working now, do not wait"; she asked her followers in her powerful speech.
PA Bajaur and Maaz Khan

Confused Political Agent Bajaur arrests father, brother of a local journalist...

PA Amir Khattak is terrorizing the local journalist Maaz Khan and his family and accused him of posting on social media against the administration while Maaz Khan says that he is punished for a sin which he never did.

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Pashto anthem by school children in Waziristan

School children in Waziristan, singing an anthem in Pashto, when there was complete peace and prosperity in the tribal areas.

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Payoneer Card

Payoneer Credit Card Payment Service – Get paid globally

Today, the company announced the launch of the Payoneer Credit Card Payment Service, which is a great way to get paid by your global clients.
Domain Name

How to choose a good domain name, 2016 guide

To pick a good domain name is really hard in the start but it's easy if you use a simple way. You need to consider few simple things and decide a good domain name.

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